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Our Facility

New York Fine Wine Storage has had all the necessary
components for professional wine storage from day one.
Run in a secure monitored environment, the climate
controlled setting as run by the 50 ton refrigeration system
is exactly what your wines need. Assisted by backup
generators and a 24 hour temperature control alarm a
constant and even temperature grade is guaranteed.
In addition to proper handling of your wines while in
storage with us, New York Fine Wine Storage provides a full
range of services for the safe and reliable handling of your
fine wines. We offer the highest level of security, care, and
customer satisfaction in the wine storage industry.
Our experienced staff will insure that the storage
of your valuable possessions are handled at all times with
the utmost care. Our business has been built on offering unparalleled experienced staff in the handling and processing of wines.
We emphasize professional and courteous customer service to all our clients.
Our facilities are outfitted with the latest technology and include:

• Top-of-the-line industrial grade refrigeration and humidification systems

• 24-hour security and video surveillance systems

• 24/7 Off-premises central monitoring station for temperature, fire and burglar alarms

• Fully automatic 40kW emergency diesel generator and transfer switch with integral fuel tank that can run for at least
  24 hrs without refueling. It is connected to our electric panel which supports our temperature and humidity control systems
  to keep our product stored in an optimal environment in the event of a power outage. It’s in a fenced and secured
  location to avoid tampering by unauthorized personnel. The generator is regularly tested, maintained, serviced and
  tied into our central alarm system, which is monitored by the police department, to help ensure our
  product and facility is protected.
    39 Westmoreland Ave, White Plains NY 10606 | P. 914.723.5798 | Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8am - 5pm, Sat. Appointment Only 8am - 4pm
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